Slack Machine CI Status

Slack Machine is a sexy, simple, yet powerful and extendable Slack bot. More than just a bot, Slack Machine is a framework that helps you develop your Slack workspace into a ChatOps powerhouse.


  • Get started with mininal configuration

  • Built on top of the Slack RTM API for smooth, real-time interactions

  • Support for rich interactions using the Slack Web API

  • High-level API for maximum convenience when building plugins

  • Low-level API for maximum flexibility

  • Plugin API features:
    • Listen and respond to any regular expression

    • Capture parts of messages to use as variables in your functions

    • Respond to messages in channels, groups and direct message conversations

    • Respond with Emoji

    • Respond in threads

    • Respond with ephemeral messages

    • Send DMs to any user

    • Support for message attachments

    • Support for blocks

    • Listen and respond to any Slack event supported by the RTM API

    • Store and retrieve any kind of data in persistent storage (currently Redis and in-memory storage are supported)

    • Schedule actions and messages

    • Emit and listen for events

    • Help texts for Plugins

    • Built in web server for webhooks

Coming Soon

  • Support for Interactive Buttons

  • … and much more

User Guide

Writing Plugins

API Docs